Our Second Amendment Right To Bear Arms


Second Amendment Right To Bear ArmsIt’s a new day and a great day THANKS TO OUR NEW PRESIDENT!  

With the new administration comes many blessings, but to keep this message relevant to those who read my posts, we can be thankful that our Second Amendment rights are no longer threatened!  

President Donald Trump delivered a speech that was totally for the people of the United States.  I was thankful again to be an American.

American is now a nation under God again, but we have much dissension and crime left over from the discontent of our new leadership.  

Second Amendment Right To Bear Arms

WE’RE FREE AGAIN! But sadly many people are angry for this. Right now we’re suffering a wave of violence in a few major cities in protest.  As I write, the violence continues from the Inauguration that occurred yesterday.  

Heated protests have turned into offensive smashing of store windows and looting.  Some fighting has also occurred.  It’s not rational behavior to commit crimes just because people don’t get their way.  After all, this is a democracy where the person with the most votes wins the election, but then these people aren’t looking to make sense, their goal is to cause havoc.

It’s just an excuse for many who are easily led as sheep to express suppressed violent natures because they don’t have regard or respect for the rights of others. This is why we need to consider personal defense in a form that will best protect ourselves and our families.   

Now more than ever we need to embrace our second amendment right to bear arms and consider gun ownership as a means of self-protection. In a time where we’re experiencing many violent crimes, it’s certainly something to investigate.   

Making a decision to purchase a gun should be made with a plan to be educated and proficient should the need for self defense ever arise and for gun safety.  If you haven’t yet purchased a handgun and are thinking about it, my handgun guide for new users can be very helpful, especially for women. 


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