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Respect Your Handgun

Always Respect Your Handgun


It Just Takes A Little Wisdom To Be a Smart Gun Owner

From the moment you obtain your first handgun, you need to create an attitude, if you haven’t already, that your handgun is a weapon that can cause great harm in a split second. Before you even have a chance to think, something bad could happen that will negatively affect and alter your life or others.

On the positive side, you have a means of self-defense that can save your life or the lives of others. So there is a range of respect you need to give your weapon at all times.

I believe that most gun owners are responsible people because there are millions of gun owners in America. We would be hearing about crimes and gun mishaps all day long on the news and from people who believe that it’s either wrong, evil or foolish to own and carry a gun.

Where I live, it’s legal to carry guns, which means that many people go about their day to day business carrying guns.

Yet, I’ve never seen evidence of a gun nor have I witnessed any problems concerning guns such as fights, foolish behavior or threatening jesters with a gun in hand. That doesn’t mean these things don’t happen, but I haven’t felt any threats or hear of any.

The only reports I hear about are concerning criminals. The best stories are about the law abiding citizens who have successfully defended themselves and their families again their attackers bearing weapons. The stories I hear take place predominately in states where there is gun control, such as California.

Respect Your Handgun Over Emotions

Regarding gun ownership, I take it very seriously. The best way I can do that is by educating myself about my handguns and current laws, and by not allowing my emotions to control how I regard my gun and how I use it.

It wouldn’t be a safe place for me emotionally if I were to grab my gun at the sound of every strange noise. I will certainly be alert but not alarming. I would be afraid of myself if I pointed a loaded gun at someone visiting me or a family member because I was startled and on edge with fear.

I keep my emotions tame. I want to be level-headed and calm so that if I ever have to use one of my handguns, I would have at least some calm and levelheadedness to quickly shoot my target accurately without shaky hands and a muddled mind.

With a strong respect for your handgun, you’ll be able to distinguish between the right behaviors concerning your gun verses strong feelings of fear that can cause people to over react to situations and people.

It’s in everyone’s best interest that gun owners use wisdom and gun knowledge over emotions when it comes to their weapons. And it goes without saying that we must all follow relevant laws and regulations of country and state.


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