The Springfield XDS 9mm Handgun Recommendation and Review

The Springfield XDS 9mm Handgun at glance offers the new handgun in need of a heavier and larger weapon these important benefits:

  • Heaver weight contributes to a stable shooting platform. 
  • Excellent sight radius. Front fiber optic sight makes it easy to shoot. 
  • It has a trigger and grip safety.  Click here for the free manual download.

Points To Consider For Your Handgun Needs

Ease Of Grip

While it has a firm grip, I don't recommend this handgun for small or weak hands.

Multiple Safety Features

I love that this gun won't shoot without grasping the handle while pulling the trigger. 

Racking The Springfield XDS

I had much trouble racking the gun at first until I learned to use my chest muscles.

About  The Springfield XDS 9mm Handgun

Why I Recommend The Springfield XDS 9mm Handgun

My Study and Research

An excellent handgun for the new user for home defense and concealed carry is the Springfield XDS 9mm.  I would recommend this gun to anyone who has a strong hand, medium to large sized. Person's who have held heavier guns and felt the experience a good fit, but desire a smaller weapon will enjoy this popular handgund.      

One of the best personal defense guns in the single stack design, it's perfect for the new user wanting a heavier handgun. It's small enough to carry every day, but it has all the features and capacity of a larger handgun. The Springfield XDS 9mm offers so much, yet it can fit in a small concealable space such as a small purse or in a holster under clothing without it being noticed.

Not the lightest of the single stack guns, it’s weight adds to a stable shooting platform for ease of target acquisition when firing multiple rounds. This is a striker fired gun.

The 3.3-inch barrel gives an excellent sight radius and the front fiber optic sight makes this a gun that is very easy to shoot. The trigger is smooth and the break is crisp.  The reset is short and audible making firing multiple rounds quick and accurate.

My Experience With The Springfield XDS 9mm 

I love the dynamic of the gun and I'm glad I own one, but it wasn't the best decision for purchaing a handgun as a new user for me.  I was in a mindset of fearing guns and it's heavier weight made me feel intimidated. I wasn't happy with it at first and I didn't want to practice shooting. 

I have medium sized hands that weren't strong at that time.  I felt uncomforable with it and I couldn't see myself using it to defend myself.  It wasn't until after I used the Bersa Thunder .380 and the Tauras that I felt comfortable with my Springfield XDS 9mm handgun.  It also helped that I had changed my attitude concerning guns.  Interesting how mental attitude constitutes a large part of achieving success over anything we consider difficult.  

I recommend this gun to a new shooter without hesitation as long as they know it's a heavier handgun that takes a little more strengh to rack and hold onto while targeting shooting for 5 minutes or more. 


There is a trigger safety and a grip safety that keep the gun from firing until you grasp the handle and pull the trigger. I like it because I don’t have to actuate anything, just hold the gun properly and pull the trigger.

There is an arm that rises slightly at the top of the gun when there is a round in the chamber. This is a nice to have at night when I just want to make sure it’s loaded, I can feel the lever slightly raised.  At night I have different guns in various parts of my home for easy accessibility, so this feature is great for me.  I have no children at home, so I don't recommend this for everyone.

 Ammunition And Other Information

Springfield also supplies the gun with two back straps for the grip to make adjustment for smaller or larger hands. The gun itself is just under an inch wide so it's easy to conceal and carry, as I've said, on a regular basis. It comes with a 7-round magazine and an 8-round magazine, enough to make you feel safe wherever you go. For home or carry, this gun is one of the best single stack 9mm guns available.

The cost of this gun is between $379 to $450 and includes a hard case, two magazines, two back straps to adjust grip size and a gun cable lock. Springfield describes it as it’s Essential Package.  

If you're looking for a larger handgun that's small enough to conceal for your first handgun or to add to your collection, you may wish to consider the Springfield XDS 9mm which is dependable for self-defense, yet easy to use.  

Remember first time shooters, if you're like I was, you'll need a handgun you can feel comfortable with to minimize your concerns about gun ownership.  But, if you feel that a heavier gun will give you more confidence when shooting, this could be the right handgun for you. Think carefully about what you want. A lighter weight gun or the feel of a heavier weight gun to fit your hand and hand strength.          

Click here for the free manual download.  It has a great illustrated layout of the gun with a description of each function to help you get familiar with the gun.  

A Closer Look At The Springfield XDS 9mm Handgun

If you’re looking for the most available capacity in the most concealable package, you should pick up an XD-S® 3.3″ Single Stack in 9mm. You don’t have to settle for a larger gun to gain shooting comfort. Nor do you have to sacrifice size for capacity. 

Handgun and Ammunition Sources

While the handgun is available from a variety of sources, I recommend Brownells. As my first handgun, I purchased mine from a local source but later found it cheaper Online. My 9mm ammunition source as well as extra magazines and loaders is also Brownells.  They have ammunition and no postage specials which beat any local or Online source for me.  

Video Description Of The Springfield SCS 9mm Handgun Coming Soon

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