My Recommended Handguns For New Users

You've made the decision to protect yourself and purchase a gun.  The next step is to wade through the vast market of guns to find the right one for you.  However, you're the person this site was created for.  We've already done the research, that on your own, would take you months to accomplish so that you can make an informed decision for the right gun and for your first gun.

Your Handgun Purchase Goal

Just 4 Simple Steps 

You need to define the best gun for your needs and physical ability for home protection and for concealed carry when you're away from home (considering your state laws). 

Make a list of your gun needs. What is your exact need? Protection only or protection and hobby target shooting perhaps?

Consider any physical problems that could make it difficult for you to pull the trigger or rack your gun, for example.   

Read each gun description and it's attribues and measure them against your personal needs (click on each link below).  

If you intend to carry your gun, make sure you can do that in your state. Check online to find out if you can get a conceal carry permit.  

Handgun Purchase Tip

I've found that the best handgun prices and availability are online. But, if you wish to get a feel for a handgun, look for the one you want in a store near you before you purchase.  They may have a special sale, but if they can't match any online pricing, purchase on the Internet if that's your best option.

My List For Recommended Handguns 

Before clicking on each of the handgun links below, you may wish to read my article, Choosing Your First Handgun.  You'll find a link to return back to this page.

Take a Little Time To Study The Different Handguns.  Then Identify How Each Gun Fits Your Needs. Choose The Handgun That Fits All of Your Personal Criteria.  

My Recommended Handguns:

Click on the link for each handgun to learn more and to read my recommendations and reviews. 

Bersa Thunder .380

Small, but powerful, the Bersa .380 is small, yet powerful and safe. Perfect for concealed carrying and home defense. More... 

Springfield XDS 9mm

This is an amazing handgun that has the feel of a much larger weapon. It's gives a powerful performance for it's size and ease. More...

Ruger LC9S

I was going to purchase this handgun, but I won it in a contest!  It's very easy to rack, handle and shoot with little kick-back.  More...   

Taurus PT111 (My +1)

Correctly titled the Taurus PT111 Millennium  G2 9mm. This handgun works like a dream for a new user.  It does everything easily! More... 

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