Police Poll Concerning Gun Rights

My Feelings About The New Police Poll Concerning Gun Rights

I support the police and am thankful for their hard work and commitment to their communities to keep them crime free at the risk of their lives.  

I thank God for them in my prayers because of their sacrifices every day. But really, when you think about it, how effectively can they always protect law abiding citizens as crime continues to rise.  The truth is that they can’t.

I often wonder what the police think about the subject of gun control verses gun rights. I know how I feel; which is that we can’t possibly believe that the police can be everywhere at all times–even when we need them the most!  Every effort will extend toward police getting to a call in time, but there are many circumstances that can prevent the police from arriving in time to prevent any type of crime in progress.

Distance alone can work against the police, or a criminal entering someone’s garage or home without their even having time to call the police (see my article on a garage thieves). Our only hope lies in our faith in God first and our ability to do whatever we can to protect ourselves and our families when or if the need arises.

I say faith in God because a gun in itself can never guarantee 100 percent protection. Centering upon God first will keep us safe and able to be on top of every situation that comes against us. So even though the police are important sources of protection that God can work through, I was interested to learn the results of this new police poll concerning gun rights to see what they had to say about gun rights.

The Police Poll Concerning Gun Rights Results


Police Poll Concerning Gun Rights
Police Poll Concerning Gun Rights

Here are the results!  A Pew Research Center survey released January 11 shows that police officers support protecting citizens’ gun rights over passing more gun control by a margin of 3 to 1.  The survey also shows that two out of three officers oppose an “assault weapons” ban.

I found these statistic very interesting:  According to Pew, 74 percent of officers believe it most important to “protect the rights of Americans to own guns,” while 25 percent want greater efforts to “control gun ownership.” Among the public at large, 53 percent believe it most important to “protect the right of American to own guns,” and 46 percent want greater efforts to “control gun ownership.”

What they showed is that law enforcement officers, who put their lives on the line daily, have an even greater appreciation for citizens’ Second Amendment rights than do the citizens themselves.  

Pew also points out that 67 percent of officers oppose a ban on “assault weapons.” This is crucial information, considering the Obama administration appealed to police safety when pushing bans on “assault weapons” and certain types of ammunition for those weapons.

Here’s how this particular police pole was conducted.  It was drawn from “the attitudes and experiences of nearly 8,000 policemen and women from departments with at least 100 officers.”


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