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How To Make An Online Handgun Purchase

Online Handgun Purchase

Steps For Making an Online Handgun Purchase

Purchasing a handgun Online is simple and legal, but I thought I would provide information for anyone who may want to know the steps before they purchase their first handgun Online.  

I’ve purchased four of my five handguns online. Actually one of the five I won in an Online drawing just before I was going to purchase it. It was an unexpected blessing. So more accurately I can say that I’ve had three Online handgun purchases. 

My first handgun purchase was at a local store. But after I purchased it, I realized that I could have obtained it much cheaper by purchasing the same gun Online.  There are a few small fees incurred, but I still saved a good deal of money. 

My Online Handgun Purchase

I had found a great source, but I wasn’t sure what to do the first time I ordered.  The process was easy but I didn’t know about the background check and I didn’t know what they meant by choosing my FFL (Federal Firearms Licence) Dealer which must be on their featured dealer list. 

I’ve provided a page to view a video that shows how to make an Online handgun purchase at one of the largest Online gun stores and one of my personal sources for great customer service and lowest prices.  They also have great specials.  I now purchase my ammunition from them instead of a local store.  That source is Brownells.  

Once you purchase your handgun, they help you specifically and easily find the nearest FFL dealers to you which they use.  It’s a very helpful tool if you don’t know of an FFL dealer near you. However, they show you how to use an FFL dealer that isn’t on their list. It’s an easy process. 

After you purchase your firearm Online, it will be delivered directly to the dealer selected (your FFL).  Brownells Featured Dealers have already agreed to perform transfers for guns purchased from Brownells. There is no need for you to contact a Brownells Featured Dealer. Just select the dealer on the Brownells website, pay for your gun, and it automatically ships to the dealer.  The FFL will notify you when it arrives.

Pick Up Your Gun At The FFL You Chose

Once your gun arrives at the FFL, go to that dealer to complete the background check and transfer process and pay any applicable fees and taxes. Check your local laws about what documents or identification you’ll need to take with you to complete the transfer. 

You’ll fill out paperwork either in writing or on the computer.  I’ve done both.  If there are no problems, you’ll have your handgun in about 10 to 15 minutes, sometimes a little longer depending upon what method they use.  


NOTE:  If you have any legal issues, identify those before you even purchase your handgun because you’ll be devastated if when they do the background check you’re denied to own a firearm.  Don’t think that if you lie on the form that it will be okay.  Always tell the truth.  However, it’s best to reflect upon any past legal issues you might have before you purchase a firearm that may prevent you from gun ownership by checking into your state as well as Federal laws before ordering.  

What happens if you purchase a firearm and lie on the background check form?

If you purchase a gun online and it ships to your FFL and you’re denied gun rights, you’ll have to sell the gun to the store or transfer ownership to someone legal to own a gun. This could mean a monetary loss for you, but you’ll probably be able to recoup. But why bother?  Take time to find out how to restore your gun rights first.  

If you’re not sure how to order your handgun online, CLICK HERE for each step in the process.


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