New User Best Handgun Guide

My New User Best Handgun Guide Introduction For Personal Protection

New User Best Handgun Guide

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My best handgun guide targets women and men who don’t know where to begin when looking for their first handgun and need one that they can connect with right away.  This is important for the best target shooting experience to become an accurate shooter.

This Guide Is For People Who…

  • know little about handguns
  • are like I used to be and hate handguns but realize the need for one
  • find it difficult to use a gun because of age, weak hands, body/hand size or gun size
  • need the smallest handgun that offers the maximum effectiveness for home protection and concealed carry

More people are saved each year because of gun ownership rather than killed by guns. We don’t always hear about this information because the gun-control message overrides much of the information that prove otherwise. See my Gun Control Confusion post on this subject.

I hated guns all my life until I watched a man try to break into my home when I was alone for a week. I stopped him from breaking in with a simple shout to get away. I guess my voice is scary because he ran like the wind while apologizing at the same time, but after that experience I decided to get a weapon.

I’ve never believed in gun control, I just didn’t like guns. I didn’t want them in my home, but I do now. It’s foolish to believe that taking away guns from law-abiding citizens will control or reduce crime.  All it does is make law-abiding citizens victims to criminals who are able to obtain guns illegally, so I’m thankful that President Donald Trump desires to preserve our Second Amendment rights. 

Because of the current conditions of crime throughout the United States, I want to help others like myself become proficient and educated about the use of handguns for their personal safety.  This is why I created the New User Best Handgun Guide. I’ve had a lot of help from proficient and experienced gun owners so I want to pass that information along. 


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My New User Best Handgun Guide

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New User Best Handgun Guide


New User Best Handgun Guide To Tailor Your Handgun Needs 

I don’t just list the 4 best handguns based upon my experience and their popularity, and leave it at that.  The purpose of the information I provide about each handgun is comprehensive, yet easy to apply to your personal needs.  

Once you’ve compared each handgun to your criteria, you’ll have defined the best handgun for you.  This is why I don’t list them in any specific order.

What if you’ve already purchased a handgun and you’re not happy with it?

If you’ve already purchased a handgun and you don’t feel comfortable with it, then it won’t serve you in the best way when it comes to your personal defense needs for home and concealed carry.

However, you can make better use of that handgun later by purchasing one now that you can feel comfortable with to practice and gain confidence. Then in time, you’ll be able to use whatever handgun you want.  

Should you be on a tight budget, you can take your gun to an FFL dealer at a local gun store to legally sell it or trade it. The current condition of your gun will depend upon it’s value at the time.  

On A Personal Note

I own and have used in target practice every gun I recommend.  I purchased each from careful study, recommendations from experts I know on the subject of guns and handguns specifically.  

My Recommendations For New Users: To help you make the best decision, I’ve clearly organized the process so that you can obtain the best handgun for you in the shortest amount of time.  I’ve done the work and made the mistakes so that you don’t have to waste time.  


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