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Handguns and Private Citizens

Two Recent Stories About Handguns and Private Citizens

Waiting for the 2017 Inauguration, there’s constant news of threats and violence against President-Elect Donald Trump and followers.  The elaborate plans of  sabotage over what should be a special and monumental day can be discouraging, but I look for news where violence doesn’t win!  

I found two great stories you may have already heard about, but it’s helpful to learn about situations where innocent people are saved from the evil intents of others.  

Handguns and Private Citizens Story No. 1 In Reidland, Ky

Two men tried to break into a Reidland home on January 7, 2017.  Deputies reported that the homeowner was home when two men kicked in the door.  He fired on the two men leaving one dead and the other wounded during the home invasion.

While I hate the thought of anyone dying, when someone has criminal intent against another, it’s always good that the victim comes out on top.  The violent action of having a front door kicked in would be shocking to someone at peace within their home.  I’m thankful that this Kentucky citizen was able to save himself from whatever violent action the two men had in mind.   

The injured man was transported by Mercy Regional EMS to a local hospital and airlifted to a hospital in Nashville, Tennessee with life-threatening injuries.  Very sad these two men made the decision to bring harm to another person. 

Handguns and Private Citizens Story No. 2 In Tonopah, Arizona

An Arizona State Trooper was unexpectedly “ambushed and shot” while responding to a car accident Thursday morning. He was saved by an armed passerby, according to the Arizona Department of Public Safety. The ADPS confirmed that the unidentified trooper was shot in the chest before being transported to a local hospital in stable condition.

The Trooper had responded along with several others to a call of shots being fired along the westbound roadway of 1-10 near the Tonopah, AZ. One of the troopers, a 27-year veteran and the Trooper who was later shot by the suspect, stopped near milepost 89 to assist a woman that was ejected from her vehicle as it rolled over and then off the highway.

When the trooper started blocking off lanes, he was attacked.  He was ambushed and shot by a suspect in the immediate area as told by the Arizona Department of Public Safety in a press release.     

Col. Frank Milstead told reporters that the gunman shot the trooper in the chest before wrestling him to the ground. Then, a citizen who was driving by stopped to assist the officer.

The passer-by ordered the shooter to stop assaulting the trooper, but he refused.  The same man retrieved a gun from his car and fatally shot the suspect, according to Milstead. Milstead offered an official “thank you” to the citizen who had also called for an ambulance and back-up from the trooper’s car.  

Thanks to this private citizen and gun owner, the trooper is in stable condition.  Sadly the female passenger of the rolled over vehicle was pronounced dead on the scene.  She may have been a victim of the man who attacked the state trooper, but it’s not known.  The suspect who attacked the trooper and was shot by the passer-by is deceased.


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