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Handgun Target Shooting

Handgun Target Shooting

Handgun Target Shooting For Practice and Hobby


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Since I haven’t owned a handgun for many years as some people have, I need to participate in target shooting regularly.  I just signed up for my yearly pass to my local shooting range so that I can improve. 

For me, it’s not a hobby.  I go strictly for improvement.  I just purchased bullets today and I’m ready to go and it got me thinking about one of my salient goals for becoming a proficient shooter. 

If I ever had to defend someone other than myself, I want to be confident and able to shoot under whatever circumstances I’m in at the moment.  I wouldn’t want to bring harm to the very person or person’s I’m defending.  So I need to be confident about being a good shot. 

Frankly there are times when I see myself shooting away money on bullets, but that’s wrong thinking, so I do what I can to make shooting practice fun and a personal challenge.  When I first started shooting at the gun range, I used the targets provided, but it was difficult after awhile to see my latest shots.  So I decided to use better targets.

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Handgun Target Shooting

Handgun Target ShootingI found really cool targets by Splatterburst that make shots burst into a bright fluorescent Yellow upon impact.

They work with all firearms including BB and Pellet guns.  You can see your shots whether shooting indoors or outdoors, short range or long range.

What I like about this company is that they offer customers to try their targets RISK FREE with their 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – No questions asked! 

So you can try them, and if you don’t like them, you can get your money back!  That’s great customer service!  Go here to learn more.

Here’s some other features:

  • OVER 1300 5 STAR HONEST REVIEWS – They have hundreds of thousands of SATISFIED CUSTOMERS worldwide.
  • BRIGHT HIGH CONTRASTING colors make it EASY to see you shots at a distance.
  • The ULTIMATE TARGET for all firearms and calibers.
  • Available in 50, 10 and 25 packsPatent Pending – PROUDLY MADE IN USA – Makes a great gift

Go here for my source to order and to learn more.  You’ll also find many other types of targets.


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