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Is a Handgun Purchase Right For You?

Handgun Purchase

My Handgun Purchase Dilemma Is To Your Advantage

Handgun PurchaseThere is much information to help the prospective gun owner with his or her handgun purchase.  However, it all varies and it can be, in some cases, opposing.  There were only a few videos and sources that offered me practical information as a person looking to purchase a handgun for the first time. 

I’m in my sixties, and believe it or not, I knew nothing about guns before my first purchase because all my life I’ve been against possessing them.  My handgun education started from scratch when I realized that I needed one. 

My change of heart came when someone tried to break into our home on a dark, stormy night when I was home alone. We had just moved to a new state and didn’t know anyone.  I scared them away, but that incident got me thinking about the possibility of owning a handgun for personal defense and home protection. 

The first things I came to realize was that, as a woman, I needed a handgun that was easy to use, that fit my hand and my budget, and was a weapon that was reliable if I ever needed it for self-defense.

There are many people looking to purchase a handgun who, I believe, can identify with some of my needs and issues that helped me to make the three choices of handguns that I now own and use for target practice. All three handguns work great for both men and women.  

My Handgun Ignorance

Handgun Purchase Recommendation

I was clueless about what size gun to get and I knew nothing about the various handguns and the use of magazines. I thought a magazine was something to read on a rainy day.

To say that I was probably more ignorant about guns than most people is an understatement.  But that gives my readers the advantage of learning specific information about handguns that other sites, books or videos might not include because some of what I share may be considered common knowledge.

Is a Handgun Purchase Right For You?

The best handgun purchase should be based upon an intelligent decision rather than by emotions alone. Emotion will always be involved, but it’s important to be level headed to make the best and right handgun choices for you.

Hopefully you’ll never need to defend your life or the lives of others, but if you should ever need to, and you’ve purchased the best handgun for you, you’ll have the confidence that you can use your gun proficiently at a moment’s notice. This means a commitment to regular target practice to overcome personal shooting issues and fear of your weapon.

That’s all for now but watch for my gun recommendations, it will be posted soon.



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