Handgun Corset Holsters

Handgun Corset Holsters For Women

handgun Corset HolstersHandgun Corset Holsters are a great way to conceal the gun sizes that I recommend.  There are many types of holsters, but these are a great way to conceal your weapon without anyone knowing.

Use the links below to learn more about the each holster.  The one at left is designed for left or right hand pull.  It holds two firearms and one magazine.

More About The Handgun Corset Holsters

The long length covers top of hip and the metal front stays keep the stomach smooth while trimming the waist.

If you’re able to carry a weapon to your place of employment, the corset is a great choice for career separates, and works inside or outside waistbands.

It comes in S, M and L.   The all-metal stays in front smooth stomach while bending and sitting. 

Re-holstering tabs easily open holster for no-look weapon re-holstering.  The Military-grade elastic holds guns and magazines securely in place with the holster positioning the gun for easy retrieval.  These are two important feature for gun owners. 

Another important feature is the grip which faces the spine and positions the gun to avoid finger-on-trigger draw.  The metal grommets give support and structure to the magazine pocket.

The magazine pocket is lined which offers a no scratch mag storage.  The back is reinforced for posture support throughout the day.  For added comfort,  The tank style shoulder straps were added for more comfort

I’m happy to say that this product was designed and assembled in the USA.  It’s washable and you can get super fast shipping.  Click on the links below to order on or click here.


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