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My Bersa .380 Handgun and Holster That Holds One Magazine


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I love this holster!  It works great for me and fits my Bersa perfectly with a slot for a magazine.  It unsnaps quickly for a quick withdrawal of the gun if needed and works perfectly for my needs because I use it when I take walks in my neighborhood.

Our neighborhood has many large dogs.  Most of them are locked in their backyards, but some people find it acceptable to walk their huge and sometimes vicious looking dogs without a leash and allow them to walk ahead of them 10 feet or so.  They always yell out, “don’t worry my dog won’t hurt you.”  How do I know that?

Long story short, I would never be trigger happy with an animal unless it came charging at me with it’s teeth and gums showing.  This goes for any mountain lion that might show up or coyote as well.  I just want to feel that I’m in charge and safe. I have faith for safety as well, but I also feel that it’s wise and prudent to have a weapon if needed.

Finding The Best Handgun Holsters For You

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When you purchase your handgun Holster or holsters, you’ll need to think about your lifestyle and your state of comfort.  While I love the holster in the image above, I sometimes need to wear a holster that hides any outline of my gun. 

I don’t like my gun showing at all, so if I’m wearing something that may show that I’m carrying, I wear a holster that conceals perfectly.  There are many to choose from such as a concealment belly band, waistband concealment, ankle concealment and for women there are corset and waist holsters. There are shoulder, bed and car holsters and varieties of each. 

I have different holsters for each of my handguns according to their brand and size.  I purchase mine on*


*When it comes to carrying weapons, always follow Federal gun regulations and laws and the laws of your state.

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