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Handgun Target Practice

Handgun Target Practice At The Firing Range
For New Users And What To Expect


Handgun Target Practice

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I just got back from the shooting range and thought I would share this important part of handgun ownership with new users.  

To be honest sometimes I really don’t want to take the time to stop everything I’m doing and practice shooting. It’s not a hobby for me as it is for some gun owners I know.  But it’s a necessary commitment that gun owners need to make, especially when they’re new to shooting. 

While at the gun range, I made a couple of videos to help new owners turn a sports bag into a “range bag” if they’re not sure what type of range bag they need or if they don’t want to purchase and store another large bag in their home or apartment.  I get that!  That’s why I created a range bag from an old sports bag we’ve had for demonstration. 

I only carried two of my handguns inside the bag. More than 3 would have made it too crowded with all the accessories. My Create a Range Bag Page has more information on this and I’ve also included highly rated range bags that can be purchased as well.

Don’t just throw your guns and gun products into a bag. The main message of the above video is to protect and care for everything you’ll need for gun use, safety and protection by using smaller bags and containers for each item. Protecting each item from banging and scraping into each other is important. I made the video background bright colors to remind new gun owners how important this step is.

Handgun Target Practice Shooting At Your Local Firing Range

One of the most important events you need to schedule into a weekly or monthly routine, is target shooting at a firing range close enough to where you live for convenience. You should do this right away so that you can make sure your gun works properly and to get the feel of it. Lastly to practice hitting the target. 

There are many places to look for a firing range such as gun stores, local indoor ranges where police go or shooting range parks.  I go to our local family firing range park which is close to our home and where the police go once a week.

The park is outdoors, as you can tell from the video below.  It was a cold and windy day today, and being outdoors in difficult weather isn’t always fun for me.  I have other choices, but this is the closest shooting range near me.

Twenty miles away there is a closed range with a free target shooting day for women once a week.  Also there are many open spaces near me where I can drive twenty-five miles out and shoot against the mountains or into open spaces as long as I make sure the land isn’t private and that there are no persons near me when shooting. I did this once with my son, but I didn’t like it so much.

There are also indoor firing ranges in many cities, so check out your area for the firing range which offers the best environment for your needs and enjoyment and that’s close enough to you so that you won’t have an excuse for not going on a regular basis if you have a busy life-style. 

Look up firing ranges in your area and you’re sure to find one that will suit your needs.  I obtained a gun-range pass so that I can get regular access for a whole year.  Currently it’s only $60.00.  This gives me access to all range facilities.  All I have to do is sign in and set up.  

Handgun Target Practice Shooting

When you get to the range, the first thing you should do is sign-in if you’re required to or pay a small fee to an attendant on the range if you’re not a member.  I suggest that you don’t pay for a membership unless you’re sure that you want to use the range on a regular basis.

An advantage of outdoor ranges is that you can drive your car right up to where you’ll be shooting and unload your shooting gear. Whatever your situation, take your place by choice or if assigned and follow the rules given. Clean up of empty shells is expected after your session is complete at the range parks.

When in doubt about what to do, find a range assistant and ask them to walk you through the process whether indoor or outdoor.  I suggest that for the first few times you visit a firing range, you go with an experienced shooter.  

If you have to set up your own targets, get that done first.  Arrange them about 15 to 25 feet in front of you when you’re a beginner.  Then move out farther when you feel ready. However, if this is just for self-defense you may want to keep your targets at a distance where you feel you could comfortably defend yourself against an assailant.

Put together your range bag contents and you’re good to go!


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