Create a Handgun Range Bag

How To Create A Handgun Range Bag

How to Create a Handgun Range bag


It’s Easy With A Few Inexpensive Supplies

I recommend getting a handgun range bag as soon as or before you even get your first handgun.  However, I know that many people have numerous gym or sports bags around their home or in the garage. This is why I created a handgun gym bag for demonstration.

It’s easy to make with a few items that can be easily and inexpensively purchased.  Here is the list of supplies that you’ll need for one or two handguns:

  1.  Your gym or sports bag at least 2 feet x 1 foot wide.
  2.  One metal or plastic ammo box.
  3.  1 or two holsters with a pocket for a magazine
  4.   1 smaller bag like an old camera bag
  5.   1 gun rug per handgun
  6.   Bullet loader for your size bullets


Create Your Handgun Range Bag

If you have a bag which has compartments you can eliminate some of the needed accessories if you don’t already have them, such as the rug guns.  However, keep the bullets in boxes and preferably in an ammo box.

Fill the ammo box with 3 or 4 boxes of bullets for your handgun.   Always keep it filled by replacing used ammo.  Place the ammo box at the bottom of the bag.  Make sure that your ammo box has a hole from the lid to the box so that you can use a lock to keep children from getting into it.

Use the holster to store your gun and magazine.  Zip the handgun into a rug gun and place along side the ammo box.  Fit the gun loader into the smaller bag and place on top of the ammo box.

Keeping your handgun, ammo and other elements for target practice safe when grouping them together in a bag will keep them safe and easy to find when you get to the range. 

Another idea is to use a backpack.  Especially one which has many compartments.  Again, keep the bullets in boxes and preferably in an ammo box that can be locked.


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