Handgun Cleaning Kit

Handgun Cleaning Kit

Handgun Cleaning Kit For .38, .357 and 9mm pistols

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A handgun cleaning kit is a “must have” and at the top of your handgun checklist. There’s no way around the fact that you must clean your gun after it’s been fired and on a regular basis when not in use.  Hopefully you’ll never have to use it for defense, but you will have to practice at a firing range in order to learn how to become proficient using it. 

While you can pay someone to clean your gun for you, it’s a good idea to know how to clean it yourself because it will give you more confidence about how it works and your ability to keep it working efficiently. 

Without much discussion about it, the kit is easy to use.  It also comes with complete instructions.  It’s called the Hoppe’s No. 9 Cleaning Kit with Aluminum Rod for .38/.357 Caliber, 9mm Pistol


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The contents of the Hoppe’s Handgun Cleaning Kit include:

  • 100 percent designed and tested
  • For the toughest situations and environments
  • Cleaning kit with aluminum rod
  • Cleaning solvent and lubricating oil
  • Hoppe’s No. 9 cleaning kit with aluminum rod
  • Includes one 2 oz. bottle cleaning solvent and one 2.25 oz. lubricating oil
  • Brush for the intended caliber is included with this kit.
  • Intended for .38, .357 and 9mm pistols
  • Packaged in a box, not clamshell


Handgun Cleaning Kit Store

Where To Purchase:  I wasn’t able to find a sufficient kit in our local gun stores so I ordered from and got it quickly.  It’s very inexpensive.  I payed less than $10.00.  There are restrictions on the delivery time which states that 1 or 2 day shipping is not always available because of federal regulation requiring the product to ship by ground ship methods only.  And it can only be shipped withing 48 contiguous states.

TO ORDER THE KIT AND TO WATCH A COMPREHENSIVE VIDEO THAT WILL HELP YOU USE IT PROFICIENTLY, go to the sales page and click on the video icon at the top right.  It’s a great instructional aide if you need help using the kit. 


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