Concealed Weapon Permit

Concealed Weapon Permit For Your State

Concealed Weapon Permit

Get A Concealed Weapon Permit If Your State Issues Them

Look up your state’s department of Public Safety or similar department website to get more information on the subject. My state gives instructor information so yours might as well.  You can easily find permit information for your state by looking up concealed weapon permits for your particular state.  Gun stores also provide classes or offer wherha

For this discussion I want to share the general experience of getting a concealed weapon permit so that you’ll know what to expect.  I say general because most states differ in their requirements and even within each state the training can vary, depending upon the instructor.

Class fees to obtain the permit range in my state from $35.00 to $70.00.  The Fee to obtain the permit from your state may be different.  The permit itself must be obtained from the state.  My state charges $60.00.

Instruction For Obtaining A Concealed Weapon Permit

After you’ve paid your fee, you’ll attend a one-day class at a time scheduled by the instructor.  It can last from an hour to a few hours or more depending upon the size of the class.  I live in a small town so I was the only person in my class.  It went by quickly.  

I filled out paperwork for my permit and then I was asked what handgun I use. I chose my favorite handgun.  She used that particular weapon to demonstrate the various gun functions, the safety on the gun and safety when using, storing and holding the gun.

I was given instructions about conceal carrying rules for my state and told what to do if stopped by the police for any reason when driving.  At the end of the class my fingerprints were taken for two cards.  

Sending For Your Concealed Weapon Permit 

The paperwork I filled out along with the fingerprint cards were placed into a self-addressed envelope and given to me to mail along with a $60.00 money order or cashiers check. I was told that a check or cash will not be accepted.  I had to wait about 2 months to receive my permit.

That’s it!

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