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Your Handgun Checklist For Essentials

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Create Your Handgun Checklist For Product Essentials


My handgun guide for essentials covers the products you’ll need when you purchase your handgun. You probably won’t find them all at the same place where you purchased your gun. I’ll share my sources with you for quality and price. And, don’t forget to locate a firing range near you.

There are other products and add-ons you can buy, but for now concentrate on what you need as a new handgun owner. If you purchase too many products, you’ll spend time learning how to use those rather than learning how to hold your gun, rack it and shoot it properly.

You don’t want to make the process overwhelming, especially if you’re busy and you have a family. You want to put your first concentration into learning how to handle your gun.

So with that in mind, I’ve included each item shown in the video below with links to learn more. Get information and tips for purchase, saving money, safety and more. The list is short, but important. And, once you’ve had your handgun for a time and feel comfortable with it, you can apply for your Concealed Weapon Permit if allowed in your state.

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I Have Purchased The Following Products or Accessories

Bullets and Target: The best bullet and target sources to help you build your supply and save money. It’s important that you go to the range regularly, at least when you first get your handgun, so you don’t want the limitation of having a good bullet supply stop you. Go here.

Cleaning Kit: You’ll need a cleaning kit specifically for small handguns. I found a simple, yet complete kit to use for cleaning your gun. It’s cost is less that $10.00 not including any state sales tax. The kit works great and there’s a video on the sales page to help you the first time you clean your gun. Go here to check it out or to order.

Holster: Learn how to choose the best holster or holsters for your lifestyle. I’ll show you what I use and the many types and styles available. Go to Handgun Holsters

Gun Safe:

Extra Magazine:

Range Bag:

Ear and Eye Protection: The best Ear protection choices for handgun shooting.  Eye Protection.



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