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Don’t Be A Victim Of Gun Control Confusion

Gun Control Confusion

Gun Control Confusion Is Jamming Up Our Ability To Think Straight About Personal Safety and Gun Ownership!

Gun Control Confusion Article.When will both sides of the story be told when it comes to gun violence?  When a shooting occurs the news gives weapons a bad rap rather than the criminal in control of the weapon.  

That’s like blaming a knife when a criminal uses it as a weapon to stab someone.  Should we get rid of every knife in our homes and stop carrying pocket knives in our pockets and purses for emergencies?

Gun owners have a better opportunity of stopping crimes against them rather than becoming victims.  

I don’t want to make light of all the precious and innocent people who are killed each year because they were unarmed in the midst of a crime, but I hope to help people think straight so that they can make a realistic decision about gun ownership.  

I realize that just because a person has a handgun or any type of weapon, it doesn’t mean that they can expect 100% protection, but it can even the odds against an assailant or put them in a better position than without a weapon.

There are actually more cases where guns save lives than cause deaths.  In other words, there are more lives saved by guns than taken by guns.  Sadly, the news and persons who want to promote gun control don’t discuss these statistics.  I’ve included a video below that proves my point.  

A Painful Case Of Gun Control Confusion

Why is personal self-defense wrong when innocent people are being killed for no reason and without any means of defense against criminals?  My heart goes out to the son of a Charleston church victim who is struggling with his father’s death.

At at a Bible study on June 17, 2015, Rev. Daniel Simmons Sr. became one of nine black victims all fatally gunned down by white supremacist Dylann Roof.  His son, Dan Simmons Jr., gave his testimony in January 15, 2016 in the sentencing phase of Roof’s murder trial.

The 22-year-old was convicted in December of murdering nine people at a historically black church in downtown Charleston nearly two years ago.

One of the things about that night that Simmons Jr. told the court was that he’s he’s had difficulty with why his father, who had a concealed weapons permit, did not have his gun with him. That day he had left his gun in the front seat of his car.

“It bothered me that he wasn’t the protector,” Simmons Jr. said. “Why didn’t he do more?”

It’s just my opinion, but I believe it could be because some people make gun owners feel badly about personal defense.  Worse, some churches believe that carrying guns is evil.  

We’ll never now why this respected man left his gun in his car that day, all we can do is mourn his death and those killed along with him and pray for wisdom concerning gun ownership.

Personal Defense Shouldn’t be Judged By Criminal Behavior 

Second Amendment rights are a contentious issue in America, and it’s rare when gun defenders and gun control advocates can agree on facts concerning the debate.  

Guns are used to prevent crime in self-defense as many as 2.5 million times a year (go here for the source).

This includes those occasions when a weapon is brandished to scare off a criminal. Even the Clinton era Justice Department admitted that there were as many as 1.5 million cases of self-defense per year.

Yet we keep hearing that guns are evil rather than the perpetrators of evil.

The Presbyters of Pittsburgh of the Presbyterian Church, USA, have demanded that the Pennsylvania legislature ban all “assault weapons”, .50 cal sniper rifles, and armor-piercing handgun ammo. Their reason being because of the Orlando nightclub murders in 2016.   

Personal beliefs and feelings have become a reason for groups and persons to have their own way no matter who it may effect or what damage it might cause to society as a whole.

Our beliefs about weapons should be based upon personal and group safety and not personal opinion.  Even our churches should be providing protection rather than ordering that guns be banned state-wide. 

Nation-wide focus should be off the instruments of crime and onto the intent of the criminals.

A Story To Stop Gun Control Confusion

While in his garage, an elderly man was accosted by two armed robbers who were trying to steal his truck.  

The good news is that he turned the tables on them when he pulled out his gun and shot them. They remained on the scene until the police and ambulance arrived.  The shooting was considered to be lawful.  

They were carrying guns when they entered the garage and announced that they were going to steal his truck.  That’s when he shot them.  Who knows, perhaps they planned to kill him, but thankfully we’ll never know!

I’ll end this discussion with a video which shows the one-sided thinking of the news media when it comes to hearing the truth about personal defense.  



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