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What My First Handgun Website Is About

I created the My First Handgun site for women who are thinking about purchasing a handgun or who have made the decision to purchase one, but they don’t know where to begin and what handgun to choose specifically. However men not familiar with guns can find this site helpful as well.

I’ve never liked guns, but about a year ago I made the decision to purchase my first handgun after I had stopped someone from breaking into our home by yelling at them to go away. They did, and they apologized while they took off running, but someone with greater intent could have been more forceful.

That experience made me think about what could have happened had this person made his way into our home without my knowing about it until it was too late. My husband was due home the next day after being gone for a week so I was totally alone. I remember thinking about purchasing a handgun and wondering where and how to begin the process because I didn’t know anything about them. 

There were a few gun stores in our small city, but after visiting them, I still didn’t have all the answers I needed.  I realized that I had much work to do if I wanted to find the best gun for me, so that meant going online. However, I couldn’t find a site that centered upon everything I needed to know about a “fist time gun purchase.”

My First Handgun

I Can Help You Consider Your Personal Needs

Once I had the information I needed to purchase the right gun, the necessities, and the location of a great firing range nearby, I was good to go. Much time was spend in this endeavor, so I hope to shorten the search for others when they’re ready or just curious about purchasing their first handgun. My goal is to help others feel safe and protected by locating their best handgun as soon as possible. Go to my best handgun guide.

I hope to help you overcome every obstacle in your search. You’ll also find any “need to know” information on this site about handguns, how to learn about your legal rights in your state, gun news and so much more. Purchasing a gun is just the beginning so it’s important that you learn everything you need to know, especially about gun safety.  This is why can be a great convenience.

Your Gun Rights

Before Donald Trump became President of the United States, people, and especially women, were purchasing guns at a high rate because of the fear of restrictive gun laws being proposed. 

Thankfully, under this new administration most states won’t be restrictive, but more compliant concerning handguns and concealed weapons.  This means that your state may be able to comply with your handgun needs for your personal safety and protection.

It’s important to check your state’s gun rights laws and requirements.  This way you’ll know how you can legally carry your gun and how you can legally store it in your home.  Once you understand your state’s current gun laws, you’ll know how to best prepare for at home safety, traveling with a gun in your car or carrying your weapon on your person or in a purse or bag.

That’s all for now. Talk soon.


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