Fear Of Handguns

Fear Of Handguns

Fear Of Handguns Is A Detriment To The New Gun Owner

When I got my Concealed Weapon Permit, I was asked if I were willing to kill someone. I said yes, because I had no reason carrying a handgun if I weren’t.

I had decided years ago when my children were young that I would not only be willing to die for them, but I would be willing to kill for them. The only thing was that it wasn’t going to be by use of a gun because I hated them at that time, and for many years later.

How I would save my children, I’m not quite sure.  I didn’t have a plan.  I never took self-defense and I didn’t like anything that could be used as a weapon.  I didn’t even have a baseball bat at my disposal.  I suppose my greatest weapon would have been our son’s basketball, but I couldn’t even make a basket let alone send it flying in the air to hit a charging criminal.

Wow!  Was I that stupid?  Yes!  So I hope to help other women and men see the light and the importance of having a self-defense plan in play that includes at least one handgun. But, out of respect for any fear of handguns you may have, I want to help you ease out of it quickly enough to begin your plan sooner than later.

First I want to say that I’m in the midst of putting together my recommended handgun list to help new handgun owners get the best handgun for their needs, their hand and their conceal carry needs if it’s legal in their state. This information can help take away the fear of guns. I’ve also included in this post a story my husband shared with me that happened some time ago, but it may help new handgun owners see the importance of learning how to take gun ownership seriously.


Fear Of HandgunsMy No Fear Of Handguns Story For This Week

An 80 Year Old Woman Shoots An Intruder.

My husband told me about this story at breakfast some time ago.  This happened on 4-29-2016 in Sultan, Washington.  An 80 year old woman shot and killed a man who had brutally stabbed her husband after breaking into their home.  The killing was called “justified.”  

The intruder, 25, was pronounced dead at the scene. He was from Gold Bar.  Her 75 year old husband, thankfully, was airlifted to a Medical Center in Seattle with stab wounds to the abdomen.   Their 45 year old son was with them and both he and his mother were not harmed thanks to her bravery.

This family had a handgun that one available family member was able to use without hesitation to save her family’s lives.  We all need to have a plan so that we’ll be ready to protect our homes and lives if necessary.  

The Snohomish County deputy prosecutor made the determination that the soman lawfully fired as the 25-year-old intruder advanced toward her. He had broken into the home and stabbed and struck the resident’s husband.

I’m thankful this family is with us today! 


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