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Safe Family Handgun Protection

Safe Family Handgun Protection

Enjoy Your Life! Be Happy, At Peace and SAFE!

Safe Family Handgun Protection

You’ve made the decision to protect yourself and buy a gun. But the gun market is vast and you have no knowledge of guns.  You’re the person this site is made for!

We’ve done the research to gather information that would have taken you months to make an informed decision on the right gun for your first gun.  

As you can see from the theme of this site, we’ve narrowed your search by first recommending that you begin with a handgun.  Then we show you which handgun to purchase that will be best for you.  You’ll learn the 3 best choices + 1.   

Safe Family Handgun Protection

We’re not going to leave you with only the best handgun choice. We also show you how to use, store and protect your handgun against it getting in the wrong hands which can include children, adult foolish play and theft.  You’re going to learn Safe Family Handgun Protection for in-home and carrying, as well as home defense.

Every new gun owner wants to purchase the best handgun for home protection and also use it for personal protection when they’re away from home. The climate in the U.S. right now is one of unease as we never know where or when someone or some group will attack.

This is why many states have eased their gun carry laws and made it legal to carry concealed weapons either with or without concealed carry permits. If you’re fortunate enough to live in one of those states, then by all means arm yourself for the protection of yourself and your loved ones.  

If you don’t already know how to do that, we’ll help you learn what to do or provide the best sources for you concerning the state where you live. 

As a new shooter and someone who never had interest in guns, I had to find something that I could use at home and, because my husband and I live in a state that allows concealed carry, I also wanted one small enough to take with me when we leave home.  

My interest in guns began after I scared an intruder from the front door of our home. He was working quite enthusiastically at getting past the front door.  My angry shouting of, “GET OUT OF HERE” which was my only weapon at the time, sent him running away with an apology, but I didn’t want to be “gun challenged” after that incident. 

Whatever your story is for potentially obtaining a handgun, I believe our research can help you.  It showed us that if the gun is too big or powerful a new shooter won’t be willing to practice enough to operate the gun or become proficient enough to hit the target.

Our recommendation is to begin with a caliber that is potent enough to stop an intruder but has a recoil light enough for the new shooter to use comfortably.  And this is where our handgun recommendations begin.  To learn what handgun is right for you, go to our Handgun Recommendation Page.


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