Choosing Your First Handgun

Consider Your Needs Before Choosing Your First Handgun For Self-defense

Choosing Your First Handgun For Self-defense


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Important message about choosing your first handgun:  If you’re new to handguns, the following will help you determine which handgun is best for your first handgun and perhaps the only handgun you purchase for self-defense.  I used my experience to help you understand that you also need to look deeper than just shooting a gun, but how you really feel about them.  Your personal feelings of fear, dislike or hatred of them can affect how you shoot any handgun choice.  


I Identified My Handgun Need:  Never wanting a gun in my life, made it a monumental decision for me to obtain one after someone had tried to break into our home when I was alone on a stormy night. Just having moved to a new state, I didn’t know anyone.   I quickly decided that I needed a handgun for protection when I was home alone, which was often.

The dynamic for walking in my neighborhood had changed with the move as well.  We moved to an area where there are signs about animals roaming and the possibility of running into snakes.  That heightened my need for a handgun, but one that was small enough to be concealed and comfortable when taking walks, yet offered the range of shooting capabilities of a larger, heavier handgun.   

Defining The Best Weapon According To My Criteria:  The next step I had to face was learning what handgun would fit my defined needs and lack of handgun knowledge, experience and attitude.  I also wanted it to have various modes of safety because I thought a gun would shoot by just touching the trigger.  Just because I decided to purchase a handgun didn’t mean that I would love or understand them overnight.  

I began studying videos, information sites, and gun stores.  I only intended to purchase one handgun to last the rest of my lifetime so I wanted to choose well.  However, it was difficult because of “too much information overload,” so I looked for people I new who have purchased guns as a hobby and knew a great deal about all guns.  I considered them to be experts, so I told them my needs and carefully listened to their advice.  

Popular Recommended Handguns:  My personal criteria and their advice led me to the Bersa Thunder .380.  I went straight to a handgun store to purchase it.  Then I found out later I could have gotten it a lot cheaper online.  So make sure to check online for the best prices and try to get two magazines instead of one!  

I loved the Bersa .380 and it went everywhere I went where I could carry legally!  The only thing was that I didn’t want to go to target practice because it was difficult to rack the gun and turn off the safety.  I was told that particular gun was easy to rack and that it would get easier the more I used it.  However, I still didn’t feel comfortable with guns at that point so I remained in limbo for a time concerning practice, which was foolish and looking back, not responsible.

I tried 3 more guns until I got the one that I felt comfortable to use for target practice. That gun was the Taurus PT111 Millennium  G2 9mm.  I felt that it was an extension of my hand. Once I became comfortable with it at the shooting range, I went back to my Bersa for my concealed carry weapon, which I put in my purse when I’m out or with a holster when I’m on walks.  I even purchased another one to hide in my bookshelf.

Once I purchased the “right gun for my first gun,” it opened my mind to shoot, rack and handle all of my handguns easily.  My change of attitude made me realize the need to become a proficient and responsible gun owner.  

While I can use other handguns that are much larger, I’m very happy with the 4 handguns listed below for ease of use, travel and size.  And, they all have very little kick-back which I love. I’m 5′ 2″ tall and 120 pounds.  I don’t enjoy carrying around a large, heavy handgun.  I want to make sure that I can use any of them for concealed carrying comfortably and without anyone knowing about it.   

When Choosing Your First Handgun Consider…

Height, weight, age, strength and gun attitude.  Each of those elements have much to do with choosing the right handgun for, especially, a woman not at all experienced with guns and lacking the the knowledge and experience for effectively racking a handgun and using the various functions quickly and easily in the case of needed self-defense. 

Once I learned how to shoot, rack and handle the best gun for my hand size easily, I was able to use the other guns I had purchased and also pick up any gun and rack it easily.    


Choosing Your First Handgun Conclusion:  I love all of the 3 + handguns listed below for ease of performance, safety, size, firing predictability and handling.  Currently, they’re all perfect for me. I came to realize that even the first handgun I had purchased would have been perfect for me, but I had a great deal of fear when it came to handling it.

I was always afraid I would make a mistake and shoot someone or myself, believing that guns could fire upon touch.  Silly, but that’s what type of thinking my ignorance of handguns had caused.  Having the best handgun for me helped me overcome that fear, so I hope to help you choose the best gun on your first purchase. 

Long story short, if you find the right handgun from the beginning, you’ll only need one, but if you want more, you’ll be able to enjoy whatever handguns you choose once you become proficient at shooting your gun and handling it.  Return to My List of Recommended Handguns  to learn which of my 3 +1 handguns is best for you. 


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