Woman Stops a Car Theft In Progress

 Woman Stops a Car Theft In Progress With Her Handgun

I find this story a great example of how the ability to carry a handgun can stop a criminal in their tracks without having to fire one shot!

Woman Stops Car Theft


New handgun users, it pays to practice holding and shooting your gun.  You need to gain confidence and feel natural when holding your gun so that if you have have to use it, you’ll feel stable, steady and sure of your ability to either shoot it or keep someone from fleeing the scene before the police can arrive.

I also believe that gun owners need to go over scenarios of possible situations and how they would deal with them.  Then read news articles and other information to find out how other people dealt with the same situation.   Here’s a story of a woman who obviously had enough confidence to confront a man who had broken into her care to steal whatever valuables she had left inside.  

For a video site that shares scenarios about what to do in specific circumstances, go here


Car Theft In Progress Thwarted

A local woman in Tifton, Georgia last December caught an alleged thief who had broken into her car and was going through it when she caught him.  He must have been a little shocked!  

I’m sure she was as well, but she had the mind to pull out her .45 and stop him from him from rummaging through her car and possibly escaping.  

The woman fired a warning shot and held the man at gunpoint until police arrived.  He was placed in police custody and taken to the county jail.

In that area five vehicles were burglarized over the past two weeks in Tifton, with valuables and money that were left in the vehicles being stolen.  For the complete story, click here.


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